Multifunction Headwear "Buffs"

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Be prepared for whatever nature has in store.  Barkies keep you warm in the cold, cool in the heat and protects you from the elements – sun, rain, snow, wind and sand. A Barkie is used year round, no matter what the season or where the adventure. Barkies are a seamless tube of high-tech microfiber fabric measuring 11×22”.

HEAT: Keeps the body cool by wicking moisture to the top layer where it can evaporate. Under a hat it keeps sweat from running into your eyes.SAND & DIRT: Pull up around your mouth and nose to keep out particles so you can breathe deeply and keep moving. SUDDEN SHOWERS:  They happen, be prepared.  A warm day can turn into a chilly challenge as you speed downhill.  Worn over the head, around the neck, or under a hat can make all the difference. VISIBLILTY:  Hair in the face is a drag.  Use as a scrunchie, headband, hairband or bandana to stay focused and keep your eyes on where you need to go. BETTER GRIP:  Wrap around your wrist to keep your grip and not slip!

COLD: On crisp fall days and clear winter mornings, it’s important to stay warm while not overheating. In the cold microfiber performs like a second skin to help protect and insulate your head and/or neck plus wicking away moisture. SNOW & SLEET: Ever had the joy of snow trickling down the back of your neck?  Not anymore.  Worn around the neck keeps you dry. As a balaclava nothing is getting in! WIND CHILL: Not good. Most heat loss happens around the neck and head.  Worn around your neck or under your helmet as a cap or do-rag keeps the chill away.